Sunday, November 19, 2017

Maybe not meant to be?

The palette thought, and felt
And then decided
This is the perfect assortment
For, to White and rainbow, the colors led

Violet wanted to pop away
While Indigo just wouldn't mix
The palette, oblivious,
Kept humming, oh boy, this just clicks!

Blue and Green never saw eye to eye
Lonely Yellow turned pale in tears
Orange and Red wanted to merge
Soon months turned to years
The palette finally understood

In individuality lies distinction
The colors having their own hues
White is just an illusion
And rainbows are, for a painter, only muse

Friday, October 27, 2017

Secret Superstar

Last night, I happened to catch "Secret Superstar"; frankly, it wasn't a must-watch on my list but I am so thankful to last minute plans that work out more often than not.

It had been a while that I had been so immersed in a movie. What a beautiful, moving picture made by Aamir Khan and team! The best thing about the movie is the endearing relationship between Insu (brilliantly portrayed by Zaira Wasim) and her mother Najma (What a find! And the uncanny resemblance between Meher Vij and Zaira adds to the combination). Hats off to the mother who fights against the world and wants to provide the best of means to her daughter against all odds.

Insu is an exceptional singer who dreams of one day sharing her talent with the world. Though her mother tries to support her cause fully, the father who is the epitome of patriarchy, only has plans of getting her married off as soon as she completes her schooling. and a burkha idea from her mother leads to Insu creating an online channel to post her videos, aptly naming her channel "Secret Superstar".

How Insu carries her dream forward inspite of it being shattered repeatedly forms the rest of the movie. The best find of the movie according to me is Tirth Sharma, who plays the role of Chintan, a boy besotted by Insu, who has her back always and helps her reach closer to her dream. Their relationship portrayed in the movie is so simple and for a lack of better word, cute!

There are a lot of teary-eyed moments in the movie and some high voltage drama but I think everything is mostly justified.

Aamir Khan gives some comical relief, playing the obnoxiously rude "written off by the industry" singer and composer. Again, another brilliant performance.

All in all, go watch this movie to really restore your faith in Bollywood because such good cinema is being made. A 4 out of 5 for this one from me.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Wow, has it been this long?

I was searching for some BBMP related information in my Gmail and I happened to stumble across a BBMP related post that I had written way long back. And that's when I realized we are more than halfway through 2017 and all I have is a measly number of 5 posts to boast about. Tch tch. When I set out to write this blog, my inspiration, Amitabh Bachchan, used to write at least a single line everyday on his blog and I intended to do the same. That reminds me, does he still continue? Let me check.

Damn. He still does! What dedication, sir! I bow to thee. I am pretty sure I am not as occupied as him to quote the universal reason of being too "busy" to update my blog. I guess priority on my writing has diminished somewhere in the whirlpool of life and I am digging down deep to bring it out today. Whether you call it nonsense or mediocre reading, my fingers just type away on their own when they fall on a keyboard. Sometimes they are quicker than my thoughts. And as always, I get the familiar itch of writing whenever I begin this phase.

So, what have I been up to? This and that; and much more. I am currently unemployed (I don't know whether that is the right word to use as I seem to be busier than I was when I had a regular day job 😅), on the lookout for a job, but quite content with what I've been doing. I've enrolled myself to two quite interesting courses on Coursera: Machine Learning and Script Writing; I'm assisting a start-up, Adapt Ready, with some of their work in the insurance domain, again very interesting and stimulating; and I am exploring cafés and restaurants and feeling like a tourist in my own hometown 😆, thanks to Divya; and of course, all these don't even come close to taking care of my baby girl, Ravya, who is all of 13 months old now, and has started walking and talking, both baby steps.

Thoughts these days mostly wander to somewhat similar ones as mentioned in my mid-life crisis post. Though this post is 4 years old, most of the thoughts and conversations with friends, family, people of similar age, remain similar. IT for how long? I want to start something on my own, but I either don't have the capital, or the courage, or ideas or experience? What is the point in getting married or having kids? How can I give something back to the society? All I want to do is take a backpack and go live in different countries for a couple of years. Basically boils down to What am I doing and where am I headed?

I guess if we had answers to these questions, discovering things newly wouldn't have been interesting? I am sure many of us have our own versions of answers or beliefs that keep us going.

Signing off on a note to self, prompting me to visit this place more often. Ciao...and be back soon!

Friday, March 24, 2017


Like the tides in the sea
Like the clouds in the sky
The free spirit had no bounds

In came the rocks, the mountains
The planes and the obstacles
They all started making rounds

I went with the flow, I stumbled
I gathered myself, I flew
With the hammer dropped again and again
I wonder who is it I want to be like
The only answer that comes to me is Tarzan
The one who can at least shout and make sounds

Wednesday, March 15, 2017


As I stay in the sidelines and look at you
From a distance, across the hurdle
The first thing that comes to my mind is
Life's come a full circle

The flower you hold in your hand
I wonder, is it a flower or fruit?
I decide, that fruit that doesn't fall far from the tree
The tree that is firmly fixed in its root

Did I lead you or did you follow me?
This will always remain a debate
As we've said so many times in the past
Upper hand it always has, fate

When I finally muster up the courage
To come up to you, to talk, to relive
Our time together, you remember the best one
Angel, you say, the best title there is to give

Monday, February 13, 2017

I miss having a best friend

I was watching an episode of “Awkward”; a teenage drama series. I won’t get into too much details but tonight’s episode was about two girls who were best friends that had drifted apart, and they try to fix their friendship. They hang out all night, dance on the bed, talk, gossip, basically just have fun within just the two of them. That is when I realized, I miss having a friend like that. I have friends, I may even call them best friends, but I do not have one single person who is above the rest…and not just to have a night of fun, but for the other stuff too, like sharing thoughts, someone to call upon or talk to at the weirdest hour, someone who understands everything, someone who is there basically at every stage to know what I have been through or what I am going through, etc. etc. Come to think of it, we all probably miss or stop having such a person or relationship after a certain age or stage in life, don’t we? If you tell me that you have someone like that in your life, I applaud you and certainly envy you. 

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Party with some kirik

First and foremost, I had very high expectations from "Kirik Party", partly because of the online reviews and partly because my friends couldn't stop raving about it. Ummm. I was slightly disappointed. I mean, there are bits and pieces of the movie that I absolutely loved, but there were quite a few moments in the movie where I went "huh? What?" And "oh God, not another song".

The scenes in the hostel dorms have been captured quite aesthetically and realistically (Rakshit Shetty himself said some of the hostel scenes are inspired by his own hostel life), and are a hoot to watch. I haven’t experienced the hostel life myself, but Rajat, who watched the movie with me, was in splits during many of these hostel happenings.

The supporting cast has done a wonderful job. The lead girls, Rashmika and Samyuktha, both of them, again, wonderful! Rakshit Shetty as the flamboyant, innocent and naughty junior in the first half gets overshadowed by the villainous, rugged and bashful senior in the second half. How his character changes his lifestyle, who makes him meet himself, how he grows as a person is what forms the essence of the movie.

Many of the songs were unnecessary and didn't do much to the narrative, especially the song in the girl's hostel. I was getting a little fidgety about the movie towards the end, but the farewell song was the ultimate saving grace. That one song reminded me of my farewell party, the highs and lows of my college days, the friendships and relationships we made and broke, the way we cried, et al. That song alone, for me, deserves an extra half star.

To conclude, I expected much more out of the supremely talented individuals that Rakshit and Rishabh are, and so, I rate this movie a 3 on a scale of 1 to 5.

"Katheyonda helidhe Bari guruthugale college ali Class room-ina bench-ali Corridor wall-ali.. Saaladhe.. Guruthondhanu Naa gichidhe friendship-ina nepadali"

To all my engineering friends - I am glad I am touch with those who matter (ed) the most and I love you all!